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When shipping a firearm it must be sent to a federally licensed dealer. Let us assist you in your shipping needs and provide you reliable service while tracking your purchase.


With all of our dealer resources we have the ability to special order the firearm that fits your individual needs. We can often locate any gun you have seen and get it for you in just a few days.


We can provide a variety of gunsmith services available to you on a local basis. Our contracts with multiple gunsmiths will be able to handle many of your common problems in a quick and timely manner.


If you have a gun you would like to sell or trade, please visit with our staff for assistance. We will work with you on getting the best value for you!


We will offer classes for first time gun buyers that will familiarize you in a wide variety of firearms. We will help you with the process of getting a firearms permit, and advise you of local field classes available.

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